Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No crying allowed

We here at nippleworks love April Fools as much as the next guy. A solid April Fools post would have been awesome, but this year, we just didn't have it in us. Instead, we offer you this:

On a totally unrelated note, there was a little anti-rust activity lately. Taking Jobst Brandt's advice (which, it should be pointed out is copious and sometimes eyebrow raising), I plugged up the weep holes on my steel commuter bike. Hence, no more crying allowed.

All I did was mix up a thimble-full of Devcon epoxy and dab it in the holes. Totally reversible with a small drill bit, but also pretty easy and bomb proof. The theory here is that these holes are only necessary for gases to escape during the welding or brazing process. Without an escape route for heated air or gas, bubbles will form in the weld or brazing compound, weakening the joint. Jobst's theory goes on to state that once the frame is welded and as long as the inside of the tube is dry, these holes can be plugged. In fact, to plug them is to prevent water incursion increasing the corrosion resistance of the frame. Other people claim that they allow the frame to dry out, but honestly, if they're plugged, how's water going to get in in the first place? Oh, and he's also got some advice about greasing up your seat post slit.

What'd I tell you, eyebrow raising.

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