Monday, April 6, 2009

Ines Brunn

This is the most strongest woman I have ever seen. Watching her move is like watching an animated version of this:

But, with a lot of grace and a little bit of humor worked in to her act. Ines does acrobatic cycling.

There she is with her trick bike. It has a 1x1 gear ratio and a straight fork. No trail. It still has a bit of rake, but Ines has no trouble steering it with her feet, head, butt or any of the other body parts she (and not you) is able to balance on. She also has a huge riveted leather saddle, good for standing on, and a pretty fancy chrome handlebar/stem combo that looks like it was made with some metalworking craftsmanship.

That guy standing next to her in the picture is planning on riding a wacky penny farthing kind of bike across the country to raise awareness about a transcontinental bicycle pathway. He's a bit of a nutter. More on him later. For now, enjoy this fantasticness:


Yokota Fritz said...

How many people showed up to this?

-p said...

20 at any given time? It went from 4-7 or so. It was kind of a strange 'festival'.