Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Up above you're looking at Jeff Kerkove (left, background) and Jeffrey Neal of Ergom USA and Sonya Looney of the Topeak Ergon racing team. They were at Sea Otter selling a stack of their lock on grips and grip/bar end combos at bargain prices. I'm going to have to seriously think about eventually picking up a pair of the GX2 grips with carbon bar ends seen here on one of their team bikes. Wicked light. I've been riding with a less fancy pair of GC2's for over a year now and will wear them out first. The ergonomics of the grips makes long rides and races where you are locked into one riding position as comfortable as possible. When it's time to climb, the stubby bar ends are just enough to give you a change of positions and some side to side leverage.

Sonya had just raced in the pro women's short track event when I snapped this photo. I also got a chance to see two of the guys on the team give the pro short trackers a run for their money on Saturday.

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Mark said...

You got to get some Ergons! They are the schlizt! I have them on my Qball and after a few rides I have gotten use to them and they rock!