Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sea Otter Off-Road Tour

First order of the day on Saturday at Sea Otter was the off road tour. Registration went very smoothly and I was on my way with a goody bag, free spare inner tube, and rider number. If you do this, give yourself enough time to get your number then ride all the way back to your car with your goody bag (or get it later) since I doubt many people want to do a mountain bike ride (or the 100 mile road tour) with a sack full of brochures and energy drink packets. I had initially planned on riding the 20 mile tour but made a last minute decision to do the 10 mile ride. No single track on the shorter loop but I was anxious to get back to Laguna Seca and see the races and expo. On the way back to the finish line, I zigged when I should have zagged and ended up on the XC course! About 100 feet before the finish line people were cheering for me and I stopped and asked "Isn't this the off road tour?" "This is the race baby, finish, finish" some woman shouted. I turned around and hopped the fence off the course to the sound of the announcer shouting over the loud speaker "Where's that guy going?!?!?!". Note to future participants - the off road tour goes off on the same course at the same time as a race. Pay attention! Here's some photography:
Great scenery in the hills surrounding Laguna Seca.
Joined a dual suspension tandem out on the course.
Great single track on the 20 mile off road course.

Now, off to the expo.

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