Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just trying to lend a hand

I went out for a noon time bicycle ride today, the weather was perfect.  On one particularly long hill, I was riding behind someone and their right foot was twitching as they rode.  I got to within 30 feet and I could see the crank was loose, so much so that with every pedal stroke, there was a clunk noise and a lot of lateral motion.  The splines or square taper on this crank were being absolutely ruined.  I also noticed that the rider didn't have a saddle bag and may not be a long way from home without any tools.  When I caught up at the top of the hill I said - "Hi, on your left, do you need a tool to tighten that crank?"  Upheld nose and reply - "No I do not."  This rider clearly did not want my help and preferred to ruin their road bike instead.

If you ride by somebody on the side of the road with a deflated tire in their hands, the cool thing to do is yell "need anything?".  When you don't need anything, the cool answer is "no thanks!".  

We're in this together folks.   People in cars aren't looking out for us, cops aren't looking out for us, we're looking out for eachother.  Be friendly to fellow cyclists out there, whether that's helping out or just a friendly nod. 

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