Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let Levi Ride

As I was standing along the Laguna Seca race course, waiting for the men's pro circuit race to begin, the announcer said "we'll get underway here just as soon as Levi makes it down to the starting line."  Things were being held up a bit because that guy up there, pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer was MIA.  He eventually made it down to the start but not before a lot of grumbling from the pack.  "Start without him!", "why are we waiting for queen Levi?"  It was a bit of an uncool situation but admit it guys, the race isn't going to start without him.  Races make money through entry fees and sponsorship and big names bring both.  Leave the comments in the bar and do the talking with your legs on the course.  This guy is bringing positive attention to your sport.  

In the end, a local boy, Andy Jacques-Maynes won the race after a long, hard breakaway and lots of people gathered around the track to watch the also-rans go by and give valuable eyeball time to the sponsors on their jerseys.

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