Monday, April 20, 2009

Grammo Seat Post

Came across a new company at Sea Otter - Grammo. Started by a group of college buddies in New Zealand, they're making Genius brand frames and Grammo brand components. Their website is mainly in Italian which makes me wonder if the story I was told at the show was false or if they're doing that to make you think you're buying Italian designed stuff. The wheels looked like a rather sketchy assortment of tubular-carbon spoked hoops. The seatpost caught my eye though. It's a one bolt design that has a quick release function . This would allow for quick saddle adjustment or changes. However, I don't know of any cyclist who needs to quickly change out saddles. There does seem to be an increasingly wide selection of seat post designs, all trying to improve upon the traditional and robust laprade style or knock off the adjustability of the Thompson.

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